Course of Study

The school prepares students under the syllabus of central board of secondary education (C.B.S.E.)NEW DELHI. The subjects which are taught in the normal curriculum from class nursery to std. x are :-

(A) Pre-Primary Stage (Prep. to U.K.G.)

(i) english

(ii) hindi

(iii) mathematics

(iv) music

(v) G.K

(vi) drawing and colouring.

(B) Primary Stage (Classes-I to V)

(i) English

(ii) Hindi

(iii) Mathematics

(iv) Social Science

(v) Science

(vi) Environmental Studies

(vii) Sanskrit/Urdu

(viii) Moral Science

(ix) G.K.

(x) The art of healthy and productive living.

(C) Upper Primary Stage (Classes – VI to VII )

(i) Hindi

(ii) Sanskrit/urdu

(iii) English

(iv) Social science

(v) Sceince and Technology

(vi) Environmental studies

(vii) Mathematics

(viii) G.K.

(ix) Art-Education

(x) Work Education

(xi) Health and Physical Education.

(D) Secondary Stage (Classes – IX and X )

(i) Hindi /Sanskrit / Urdu(optional)

(ii) English

(iii) Social Studies

(iv) Science

(v) Mathematics

(vi) Environmental Studies

(vii) Work Education

(viii) Art – Education (fine art – visual and performing )

(ix) Health and physical education (including games and sports, yoga, NCC, scouting and guiding)