Exam and Result


The school has adopted the cce system for each and every student during whole session. according to this system every students is assessed by the teachers day to day about its academic performance and extra curricular activation. every student is assessed by four formative assessments (two FAs – FA1  & FA2 in term I and two FAs -FA3 & FA4 in term II ) and two summative assessments (SA I & SA II ).

Schedule of the assessments are as follows:-

FA I (including unit test) :- in the monthly of april-may.

FA II (including unit test) :- in the monthly of july-aug.

FA III (including unit test) :- in the monthly of nov-dec.

FA IV (including unit test) :- in the monthly of jan-feb.

SA I (including unit test) :- 2nd half of the month of sept.

SA II (including unit test) :- in the month of march.


1.   The result is declared after 25 days of the completion of each terms (sa). a progress report of the students for his scholastic as well as co-scholastic improvement is given to the guardians/parents after the examination. it is necessary for the guardian / parents that after verification and signature the progress report is to be returned in the school within three days.

2. Promotion is granted on the basic of whole year`s performance.

there is no schedule of re-examination for those students who are not appeared in the terminal (SA) examination in any circumstance.