Why Choose Us?

Here are just a few of the reasons why we think ST. RAMESHWAR CENTRAL SCHOOL will be a good choice for you and your child/children.

Best-in-class leadership – Mr. Nirbhay Kumar, one of the best headteachers, is a director on the St. Rameshwar Central School and will be providing ongoing guidance to us and our teachers. Her record of leadership and achievement is outstanding.

Commitment to outstanding teaching – through  Mr. Nirbhay Kumar, we will work to extend the impact of our most successful teachers, while attracting the best teachers to our school. We are currently working with Teach First to start this process, itself ranked outstanding across 44 categories by C.B.S.E. New Delhi.

Focus on critical outcomes through a proven model – we will be delivering a curriculum proven to deliver results where English and mathematics, the critical basics of any primary education, are delivered to the highest standard.

Culture of high aspirations – we will replicate the culture of high expectations that has served  Shanti Memorial Educational Trust  – so well, applying it to both staff and pupils. We will provide pupils with the happy, secure and stimulating environment that underpins a lifelong love of learning.

A fully inclusive agenda – we will work actively with community leaders to ensure the school serves the diverse needs of the community to the fullest.